2,000 People Jam Into A 'Project X'-Style Party In Michigan

21-year-old James Taylor threw the bash, 'Project P,' with go-go dancers, strippers, a fire thrower and two DJs.

Police in Mecosta County, Michigan responded to a traffic complaint of cars parked in the roadway on Saturday night. They soon had to call for backup after finding the cause of the problem: a 2,000 person birthday party modeled after the movie “Project X" called Project P. It was so large that police just tried to contain the party while EMS staff treated multiple people suffering from alcohol or drug over-doses.

DJ Shane Harris


21-year-old James Taylor organized the party and expressed no regrets about the size of the event. When asked if he felt that he bore any responsibility for the reported illegal activity, Taylor accepted some blame but also suggested that some belonged to the kids’ parents: “By the time you point a finger, you got three fingers pointing back at you.”

DJ Shane Harris


We're not sure that defense will hold up in a court of law. In the meantime, Taylor says that he won’t rule out planning another party.