Chris Hemsworth's 'Thor' Drew Influence From Mike Tyson

'Mike Tyson is very low to the ground ... very sort of brutal but graceful at the same time,' actor says of preparing his fighting style for the Marvel Studios film.

Every superhero has a unique weapon at his or her disposal. Iron Man has a wide array of highly advanced armored outfits in his multibillion-dollar wardrobe. Black Widow is a sultry threat with graceful moves capable of taking her opponents down to the mat every single time. Captain America wields a shield, uniform and ideology that embodies the great American dream.

So, what does Thor have on his side, other than his mighty hammer, Mjolnir? Well, how about a Mike Tyson-inspired knockout punch?

At [article id="1644412"]Comic-Con International in San Diego[/article], MTV News spoke with [article id="1644450"]"Thor" star Chris Hemsworth[/article] about his leading role in the Marvel Studios comic book adaptation. In addition to discussing his character's iconic hammer and his sleek armored appearance, Hemsworth spoke to his character's fighting style, which draws inspiration from Tyson's renowned boxing prowess.

"First we looked at the comic books and the posturing and the way he moves and fights -- a lot of his power seems to be drawn up from the ground -- and we talked about boxers," Hemsworth told MTV. "Mike Tyson is very low to the ground, with a big open chest and big shoulder swings. Very sort of brutal but graceful at the same time."

As filming progressed on "Thor," however, Hemsworth, director Kenneth Branagh and their colleagues realized that the Tyson-inspired fighting style was trickier to pull off than initially imagined.

"As we shot stuff, we realized that it's virtually impossible to do that. The costume is pretty limiting with the movement, so there was a lot to work around," Hemsworth said, adding that they found "better and cooler" ways to explore Thor's combat abilities. "But there are vicious sorts of fight scenes in the film that are going to look fantastic."

Those vicious fight scenes were doubtlessly helped along with the use of Thor's mighty hammer, a weapon he described to MTV as "a very heavy ... incredible thing."

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