Donald Trump Elected President Of The United States

It's one of the most improbable turns in American history

The AP has called the race, and in one of the most improbable turns in American history, Donald Trump is president-elect of the United States.

Senior political correspondent Ana Marie Cox and senior national correspondent Jamil Smith were on Facebook Live to unpack this news and discuss where we go from here:

Below, our recap of the 2016 election, and moments from our election-night special, “The People’s Playhouse.”

"We Can Survive This"

Brandon Victor Dixon Sang The Night Home With An Emotional "We Are" Rendition

Marcus Ellsworth Gives An Update On Standing Rock And The Dakota Access Pipeline

Pussy Riot’s Nadya Just Wants A Pussy In The White House

Marcus Ellsworth Performs "Over My Shoulder"

Sad13 Talks The Status Of LGBTQ Rights In This Election

Sad13 Brings A Keytar (And Lots Of Echoes) To Her "Less Than 2" Performance

Raury Slows Down So You Can Hear Every Single Word Of "Butterfly"

Choreographer Victor Shoyelu's Original Composition "Democracy"

Dancer Travis Wall's Glimmering Original Piece For "The People's Playhouse"

Raury Talks Voting, Calls Trump A "Racist," And Says Hillary's Emails Are "Sus"

Raury Sings "Devil's Whisper" And Passionately Rips Off His Denim Jacket

Pusha T Talks Police Brutality And Finding Himself On The Campaign Trail

Saba Kicks The Night Off With A Quietly Intense "Church/Liquor Store" Performance

Jeezy Delivers The Voting Pep Talk We All Need Right Now

The Youngest Woman to March With Martin Luther King Jr. Speaks Out

States With Major Ballot Issues: Oklahoma’s Initiative For A Reclassification of Petty Crimes

States With Major Ballot Issues: Florida’s Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative

States With Major Ballot Issues: Arizona’s Minimum Wage and Paid Time Off Initiative

"The People's Playhouse"

The Election That Was

Let’s look back at how the story of this election was told. Do you remember these election moments? What about these controversies?

We also learned a lot from this election cycle: There are only two important political parties in the U.S. because the Constitution says we can’t have more. Sort of. Hillary’s nomination shows just how much the arc of history bends toward white women, and her words don’t mean as much as her actions. Donald Trump’s America says goodbye to the GOP we used to know, and being black in the age of Trump means dealing with a truth that is already known. The allegations against him are also nothing new. Republicans' “small government” platform is a total lie, and Trump conservatism isn’t about what’s best for America — it’s about winning. But a Trump loss isn’t a loss for the GOP; it’s a loss for conservatism.

And the #worksnotdone: What can we do to make it easier to vote? How do we fix voter ID laws? Can we discourage another Trump?