'Fright Night' Star Christopher Mintz-Plasse 'Gets' Vampire Appeal

'It was cool to play something evil and dark,' actor tells MTV News.

The vampires in [article id="1669347"]"Fright Night"[/article] might not sparkle in the sunlight, but star Christopher Mintz-Plasse still understands their appeal.

"Now I get it, why people play vampires," he told MTV News during Movie Awards Sneak Peek Week. "I'm like, there've been vampire movies. [But] that was really a lot of fun to do."

The crux of the issue, director Craig Gillespie explained, is that vampires are sexy. He made the argument that there are always vampire movies, but their popularity surges in waves. In the '80s, there was "The Lost Boys," in the '90s there was "Interview With the Vampire" and now it's "The Twilight Saga" keeping the vampire craze afloat.

The key was finding a good vampire to sit at the flick's center, and Gillespie said he always knew lead Colin Farrell would be good for the part. Farrell's character, Jerry, is dark but also has a humorous aspect, and Gillespie was impressed with Farrell's ability to walk that line. He knew it wouldn't be a hard sell either because Hollywood celebrities tend to be drawn to vampire films.

"It's one of those things that actors love to do, because you're getting to play sort of an iconic kind of character that has all this history with them. You get to have a lot of fun with it," Gillespie explained.

Mintz-Plasse certainly did. His character, Ed, gets (spoiler alert!) converted to a vampire in the movie, and Mintz-Plasse was psyched to whip out his inner bloodsucker.

"It was cool to play something evil and dark," he said.

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