Kanye West's 'I Dont Like' (Remix) Upsets Chief Keef Producer Young Chop

By Rob Markman

The new Kanye West remix; that’s the sh-- Young Chop don’t like. The producer of Cheif Keef’s original version of “I Don’t Like” has taken exception to the beefed up G.O.O.D. Music remix. “I’m mad as hell, I’m mad as f--k ‘cause for the simple fact that they did not ask me to change up sh-- in my beat,” the beat maker told DJ Moon Dawg in an interview which took place after the song dropped on Tuesday night.

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The video for the original “I Don’t Like” has already cracked over two million views on YouTube and is largely responsible for the growing buzz that has been surrounding Keef the past few months. Chop's original instrumental is driven by a eerie piano riff, concussive drums and a deep rattling bass. While the track features very few change-ups, it’s repetitive melody is part of it’s charm.

For the G.O.O.D. Music remix, which features Kanye West, Pusha T, Big Sean, Jadakiss and Keef himself, Yeezy added some new bells and whistles-- literally. While the fans seem to enjoy the remix, Chop is adamantly against the changes that ‘’Ye has made. “They did not ask me to change up sh-- in my beat. They don’t have no files to none of my sh--, so how the f--k did they add another melody over the instrumental,” he ranted. “These motherf--kers is playin’ me and I don’t give two f--ks, I will sue the sh-- out of Kanye West.”

Chop says he feels disrespected by West’s decision to make changes on his creation. “I made a f--kin’ sound, so you supposed to stay with my f--kin’ sound,” he said. “If I was him I wouldn’t need to change the f--kin’ beat up, the beat is f--kin’ hard by itself.”

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