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More Blink-182 Than Hanson, It's 'Time' For The Jonas Brothers

Teen siblings leave their mark on 'TRL' with a string of videos for hit single.

LOS ANGELES -- The Jonas Brothers are more than happy to share their release date with another, much more famous family.

"It drops the same day as Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's baby [is due]," Nick joked of their May 2 release. "So we're hoping that's good."

The album, It's About Time, is the first release from 13-year-old singer Nick, 16-year-old singer Joseph and 17-year-old guitarist Kevin, the brothers behind the "TRL" hit "Mandy."

"A lot of the songs on the record are about time," Joseph said of the album title. "There's '7:05,' '6 Minutes,' ['Time For Me to Fly'], etc. But also it's about time for it to come out, because we've been waiting."

Born to musician parents, the Jonas Brothers have been singing and playing music together for years in their hometown of Wyckoff, New Jersey. It was just Nick, however, who earned a record deal after being discovered at a barbershop singing as he was getting a trim. It wasn't until Columbia Records heard the demos he was writing and recording with the help of his brothers that Joseph and Kevin got in on the action.

Within a matter of months, the trio were on the road opening for Kelly Clarkson, Jesse McCartney and the Backstreet Boys, although the band's sound is more Blink-182 than Hanson. The "Mandy" video hit "TRL" last month and has remained there, in different incarnations, since.

"We shot three music videos for the same song and are debuting each one at a separate time," Kevin said. "The first one was on the countdown for the entire time. And then we went for the second one. It's still on. And for the third one, we're going back to perform, so we're so excited."

The "Mandy" videos tell a story, although it's not necessarily inspired by the song, which is about a girl who their mother, a sign-language teacher, taught to sign so she could pursue her dream of working with the hearing-impaired.

"She was three years older than Nick, and I dated her and we broke up, but we're still best friends," Joseph said.

The Jonas Brothers, who recently recorded a song for the soundtrack to the Jamie Lynn Spears show "Zoey 101," have yet to pick their second single but have been surveying fans for help.

And speaking of fans, the guys got quite a crowd for a recent "TRL" appearance, although it was Nick's quick wit on live TV that made for the most memorable moment.

"Nick was, like, a total player," Joseph said. "[Host] Vanessa [Minnillo] asked us who were the sexiest sisters, the Hiltons, the Simpsons or the Duffs? And he was like, 'Do you have a sister?' It was awesome."