NASA Dropped Some Tips To Make Death Stars Way More Cost-Effective

The experts say the Empire should've used an asteroid.

Trying to build a death star of your own this holiday season?

The lovely people at Wired asked Chief Engineer Brian Muirhead, of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, about the best way to go about DIY-ing your own planet-sized weapon of doom.

Instead of "launching a bunch of stuff off a planet" and working from scratch, Muirhead said a busy Sith Lord on-the-go should've instead used something that's already existing -- Asteroids.

“It could provide the metals,” he says. “You have organic compounds, you have water—all the building blocks you would need to build your family Death Star.”

While he's not doing this kind of scary super-villain work with NASA's Asteroid Redirect Mission, Muirhead and his team will be exploring and studying asteroids. Using a robotic arm attached to their "ARM robotic spacecraft," NASA officials say they will "capture a boulder off of a large asteroid... [and] will redirect it to a stable orbit around the moon."


simple tricks

Not quite -- according to the project's website, this "robotic mission also will demonstrate planetary defense techniques to deflect dangerous asteroids and protect Earth if needed in the future."

Which, death star or not, is still pretty cool.

You can watch the full video from Wired below: