Could Devin Really Take Out 'Challenge' Legend Johnny Bananas?

The ‘Are You The One?’ cast member’s vendetta just so happens to be the six-time champion

While Devin earned a respectable third-place finish on his inaugural Challenge season, he’s yet to get his hands on gold. But now, he’s swinging for the fences — the question is, will it come back to bite him in the ass?

On tonight’s Vendettas episode, and as part of a mission called “Kickin’ Ass,” players — having been divided into two teams — were challenged to win a good ol’ fashioned game of soccer. The catch? They’d each have to each wear giant orbs and run across the dirt arena atop pairs of springy stilts.

Suffice it to say, things got messy — particularly for Johnny Bananas, whom Kailah specifically outfitted with a less-than-desirable team.


“I couldn’t be in a worse position going into this,” Bananas said. “I’m injured, I’m on a team with Nelson who can’t walk on his own two feet, let alone stilts, and all of the most uncoordinated females in the house.”

And when the dust lifted, Bananas fears had been confirmed, as Kailah’s team, which also included Natalie, Nicole, Kyle, Tony, Zach, Brad and Kam, came out on top. And so, the losing team — which consisted of Jemmye, Kayleigh, Leroy, Cara Maria, Devin, Nelson and Bananas — had to choose one man to be sentenced to The Ring.


It was a close vote between Bananas and Devin, but thanks to an unexpected move from Kayleigh, Bananas was spared, and Devin officially became the next man in line for an elimination round.

Still, Devin wasn’t willing to give Bananas a pass, and began actively campaigning for The Troika to vote Bananas into The Ring as Devin’s opponent.

“I would like you to send in Bananas,” he demanded before TJ had even finished speaking. “I will get Bananas and I will send him home…I’ve been wanting to see Bananas in The Ring or at an elimination for a long time, and this is the golden opportunity. People are afraid of him and they play a scared game. But you want to know who’s not afraid of him? Me.”

But Bananas insisted Devin was overestimating his ability.

“If I knew we could go in, and I could put my f**cking hands on your throat and strangle you, I’d nominate myself to go in,” he said.

With Bananas’ friends Tony and Zach in the Troika alongside Kailah, the odds seem unlikely that Bananas will be voted in. Still, it could happen, and if it does, would it be Devin’s best case scenario, or worst nightmare?

What do you think — could Devin really take out Johnny Bananas, and is his pursuing of Bananas honorable gameplay? Or, could Bananas bounce Devin easily, and is Devin out of his mind for going after the game’s greatest? Share your thoughts, and see how this one shakes out Tuesday at 9/8c!

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