Rihanna Is On Board With Kanye West’s Plan To Run For President

'I hope he really does!' RiRi said.

Kanye West still has five more years until he runs for president, but it seems like he already has a lot of people rallying behind him... including Rihanna.

RiRi wasn't on hand for the 2015 Video Music Awards because she was at a friend's wedding, but that doesn't mean she didn't tune in. She admitted E! News that she loved Kanye's Video Vanguard Award speech.

"I did watch! I did watch! I wish I could have been there. But my home girl got married in New York so I couldn't, but it was great," she told at her recent fragrance launch in New York. "I love seeing him like that. I love seeing him in that raw, honest state."

So would she actually vote for her "FourFiveSeconds" collaborator? "We'll see! 2020? I hope he really does!"

Umm, Kanye... I think you may have found your running mate.

Kanye announced the news at the conclusion of his Vanguard speech -- "And, yes, as you probably could have guessed by this moment, I have decided in 2020 to run for President," he said before literally dropping the mic -- which may or may not have been sparked by these fans shouting “Kanye for president!”

Only time will tell if Kanye is serious about it, but when and if he does, we already have all our Yeezy presidential merch, so we will be fully prepared.

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