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How Did 5SOS' Michael Clifford Lose His Passport? Dragons!


NEW YORK- The band is back together.

5 Seconds of Summer reunited with band mate Michael Clifford on Friday (December 12) to perform at Z100's annual Jingle Ball concert after they were separated due to the fact that Michael lost his passport.

But in Michael's defense he had a pretty good reason as to why it went missing.

"I don't know really it's all a blur to me," Michael told MTV News backstage at the Jingle Ball concert. "One thing I was fighting dragons, and then the next thing I lost my passport doing so."

Calum added, "I don't blame you for losing your passport fighting dragons."

We don't blame you either, Michael. It's a hard job, someone has to do it.

The band played two shows in London in Michael's absence and it wasn't easy, not only because they were missing a key member, but they had to "make our hair more creative."

"We had to play one of the shows without him, which was weird," Luke, who is now calling these next few shows the "reunion tour," said. "But the acoustic one, that worked a lot better it wasn't the same without him. We had to do what we had to do I guess."

And despite missing his "damn stupid band" Michael, who tweeted that he "ran into" his bands arms "in slow motion to Mariah Carey" when he saw them, did have some downtime to do a little sight seeing, even paying a visit to the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree.