Why Does Chanel No. 3 Always Wear Earmuffs On ‘Scream Queens?'

Turns out, there's a pretty amazing explanation.

The series premiere of sorority slasher “Scream Queens” introduced us to the bloody Kappa Kappa Tau universe, and instantly won us over with its devilish dark humor. But it also left us with a lot of questions: Who turned on the deep fryer? Would Ariana Grande really live-tweet her own murder? And most importantly, WHO is the Red Devil?!

But one of the most pressing mysteries is: What’s up with Chanel No. 3’s earmuffs? Emma Roberts’ loyal minion, played by Billie Lourd, sports a pair of furry ‘muffs in each scene, which is unusual for several different reasons — not least of which is that it appears to be autumn (pumpkin spice latte season, right Chanel?!), and definitely not bundle-up weather.



Thankfully, we’ve now learned that there may be a couple different reasons, one of which is entirely functional. “Scream Queens” co-creator Brad Falchuk told The Hollywood Reporter there IS a legitimate reason for the funky accessory, which will come to light later on this season.

“There is a very specific reason why she wears them, and you find out in either episode six or seven,” Falchuk said. “We find out why she wears the earmuffs, but it’s not just fashion. It’s necessity. The funny thing with that is that it didn’t start as a necessity. It started as fun, and then once we had them and it looked great, it was like, ‘Oh, we’ve got to give a good reason for it.’ So we put that in there.”

But it turns out, there may also be another, wildly adorable reason — and it involves an easter egg of sorts for Lourd. She’s the daughter of actress Carrie Fisher, and some have speculated that Chanel No. 3’s earmuffs are actually an homage to Princess Leia’s double-bun hairstyle, popularized by Fisher in “Star Wars.”



Whether or not that was an intentional decision by the “Scream Queens” stylists, it’s still an amazing reminder of Lourd’s iconic mom. No, not her pop culture MOM, but her real mom. Still don’t know the difference? Let Chanel No. 3 remind you.