Jam Master Jay Probe Looking At DJ's Longtime Friend Randy Allen

Police investigating possible involvement of Rusty Waters rapper known as MDR.

NEW YORK -- An investigator on the Jam Master Jay case said Thursday (June 19) that police are now looking into whether the DJ/producer's longtime friend Randy Allen, a.k.a. MDR of the group Rusty Waters, was involved in the murder.

Innuendo about Allen and his sister Lydia's possible involvement was aired in public last month when the hip-hop legend's mother was interviewed by the New York Daily News. She said she was upset because she had not heard from Allen since her son's slaying and because Allen had not be cooperating with the police.

"That hurts me more than words will ever say," she told the paper. "All of these years, Jason [Mizell, (Jay's real name)] and Randy have been friends. We were all as close as close can be, and I haven't seen Randy since my Jason was killed. You're his friend for 20 years and you don't want to talk to the police about what happened? You don't come to my house after he died? You want to say you don't know anything?"

Last year police gave no credence to published reports claiming that Allen, who raps with Jay's nephew Boe Skags in Rusty Waters, had anything to do with killing (see [article id="1459133"]"NYPD: Rusty Waters Rapper Not Suspect In Jam Master Jay Case"[/article]). One theory said that the rapper wanted to kill his record-spinning friend to collect an insurance policy on Jay's life.

Allen professed his innocence to MTV News late last year. "It took me for a spin," he said. "That's the meanest thing you can do to somebody, to say that their best friend is involved with something like that. On the radio yesterday they said I was in jail. We make records, man. We're not into life insurance and sh-- like that. That's not a part of none of nobody in my clique. We don't go around worrying about things like that. It's all crazy. The part of it that hurts me the most is that's just some made up sh--. I don't know why somebody would do that."

On Thursday the investigator on the JMJ case also dismissed a report that came out in New York's Newsday this week. The article painted a picture of a deadly love triangle between Jay, his wife, Terri Corley-Mizell, and Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff, whom federal investigators have recently linked to money-laundering scandal involving Murder Inc. Records (see [article id="1472246"]"Alleged Drug Lord Linked To Murder Inc. Sentenced To Prison"[/article]).

Newsday's report said that according to police and music-industry sources, investigators were looking into whether Terri and McGriff were romantically involved and, if so, whether their relationship caused a rift between Jay and McGriff that led to the Run-DMC DJ being murdered.

A source close to the Mizell family told MTV News on Thursday that the family thinks the story is just a smokescreen to throw police off the trail of the real killers.

Jam Master Jay was killed at his Queens studio on October 30 (see [article id="1458435"]"Jam Master Jay, Run-DMC DJ, Killed In Shooting"[/article]). Police continue to follow leads, and they emphasize that the only way for them to solve the case is for witnesses or people with information about the crime to come forward. So far, they said, that hasn't been happening.

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