Drake's Latest Magazine Cover Is His 'Most Important'

Hometown love.

Drake has been on the cover of many, many magazines. There was The FADER earlier this year. Multiple Billboard covers. He's been on the front of VIBE, XXL, The Source, Complex, Respect and GQ. But none, he says, touch his latest.

"My most important magazine cover to date. ?," Drake wrote on Instagram, captioning a picture of his face on the front of Toronto Life.

The issue of the local publication focuses on "The Power List," which boasts on its cover line that it will give readers a ranking "Toronto's 50 most influential people" -- and looks like Aubrey landed at the top: "Number 1 in the 6," it says, above the huge lettering of his name.

But he's probably not simply saying this is his "most important" cover because they put him in the highest spot. And he's probably not saying it just because it's his latest -- though that would be understandable; we often equate recency with significance: it's your biggest test of the year (until the next one), your most crucial game of the season (until the next one) and so on.

In this case, though, it seems like a safe bet that Drake truly feels this way -- or, at least, that he understands that it fits neatly into the Hometown Hero narrative that he's been crafting throughout his career, but on which he's become centrally focused of late. He continuously professes his love for his city, adoringly known as The 6 -- which over the last year or so has ballooned from localized slang to uncapped sensation -- and his upcoming Views from the 6 is named for it.

Drake was actually on the cover of the same issue of Toronto Life three years ago, in 2012, but he shared that with four other people, and he arrived at a distressing number 32 overall.

Now, just three years later, he's atop the list, proving, once and for all, that if you keep running through the 6 with your woes, and run through the 6 for long enough, anything is possible.