Lily Allen Gets Court Order Against Paparazzi, U.S. Tour Still On

Despite run-ins with paparazzi, spokesperson says singer's April tour dates will 'not be impacted in any way.'

[artist id="2389411"]Lily Allen[/artist] is hitting back -- only this time the singer is not using her feet or fists. A day after the tabloid-magnet singer was allegedly rear-ended by a paparazzo who was [article id="1606940"]following her car[/article] -- leading to a confrontation captured on camera in which it was reported that Allen punched and kicked the offending photog and chucked a water bottle at him -- Allen's lawyers have taken action to put some distance between the singer and the swarm of snappers who are constantly shadowing her every move.

"My client has faced constant harassment over the last few months from the paparazzi," reads a statement released on Friday (March 13) by Allen's lawyer, Mark Thomson. "As a result of this and various incidents of harassment that took place yesterday my client has now been forced to take legal action. In a court hearing that took place this afternoon, my client, Lily Allen, has resolved issues surrounding her constant harassment with two picture agencies and has also obtained from the High Court an injunction restraining further harassment of her by other paparazzi photographers. My client, Lily Allen, is delighted with the outcome of the hearing today."

A spokesperson for Allen also said on Friday that despite speculation from British tabloids that possible legal action from the incident could affect her upcoming North American tour, her April dates will "not be impacted in any way."

Amy Winehouse was forced this week to [article id="1606544"]cancel her appearance[/article] at next month's Coachella Festival in Indio, California, because she was recently charged with assault and, as a result, had problems obtaining a visa for the gig. Allen had her U.S. working visa revoked in 2007 after officials questioned her at the Los Angeles airport over an arrest earlier that year for a similar incident involving a paparazzo. The revocation resulted in Allen missing that year's MTV Video Music Awards ceremony in Las Vegas, where she was up for Best New Artist. At press time, neither police nor the paparazzo had taken any legal action against Allen.

When MTV caught up with Allen last month, she addressed what she described as the constant harassment from the paparazzi and said it sometimes makes her wonder if it's all worth it. "When I took a break between one album and another and you're still getting that attention," she said, "you're weighing it up like, 'I don't like this, this is my time off. I've just been on tour for two years. This isn't my job to walk out my house and be followed around by 30 guys with cameras all day.' That's when you start going, 'F--- this s---. I've really had it.' "

"I'm working, I'm on the promo trail, there's an interest," she said. "It makes sense. But there are times when it doesn't, and I get irritated and annoyed and unhappy at those times and I start thinking maybe I'm not doing the right thing with my life because it's obviously not making me happy."

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