Sorry, 'Beetlejuice 2' Isn't Happening (Yet)

Don't get too excited: Beetlejuice isn't back from the dead

We've been hearing about this Beetlejuice sequel for years now, thanks to comments from Tim Burton and star Winona Ryder (who are both totally down for one, BTW). But so far, nothing substantial has been confirmed other than "it's happening" and everyone is so "excited."

That is, until a recent update, reportedly from Burton himself, got Beetlejuice fans pretty hype for the sequel. The report alleged that the script has been submitted to Warner Bros., Ryder and Michael Keaton were both on board, and the film was finally ready to start filming.

Except, it's not. MTV News can confirm that reports of Beetlejuice 2 have been greatly exaggerated.


In a statement given to MTV News, Burton's rep confirms that the movie is not in development and that the director did not in fact provide a statement to Showbiz Spy.

Burton is currently busy promoting Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children and developing his live-action Dumbo for Disney.

However, that doesn't mean fans should give up on Beetlejuice 2 completely. Last year, Ryder told MTV News that she's certainly emotionally prepared to return to the role of Lydia, the spiky-banged, strange and unusual girl she brought to life onscreen in 1988. But emotionally is not the same thing as officially.

"The last that I heard was Tim called and he was like -- you know these days because of hacking everything has to be hard copy, he was going to send me something and then he called and said I just want to work on Lydia a little," Ryder said last October. "I don't know. What I know is that, and I'm sure you know the same thing, is the writer was like, 'let me try.' And Tim was like OK if it's good. But the thing that you showed me it sounded like he was really excited."

Again, these are all positive things, but there's nothing official... yet.

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