We Love This Sesame Street 'Twilight' Parody Like Edward Loves Bella

Better living through puppets.

"The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn" may have dawned two years ago, but that doesn't mean we're done learning from it. We learned about love! We learned about loss! We learned about just how sparkly vampires can get in the sun.

And today, we're using it to learn about executive function.

Yes, that's right, Sesame Street has worked its magic on a "Breaking Dawn" parody, "Twilight: Breaking Cookie," starring Cookie Monster as cookie-loving yumpire Shortbredward. Shortbredward loves Belly, and Belly loves Shortbredward, but will Shortbredward's cookie-lust get in the way of his relationship? Jealous Bacob the Wolf does, and he never misses an opportunity to show up with his alluring chocolate chip cookies, hoping to tempt Shortbredward away, and Belly into his cookie-making arms.

Look, it's supposed to teach kids about controlling their impulses, but there's one impulse that we can't control: watching this clip over and over. Start the slow clap now, because we'd watch a whole movie of this concept.

Check out the clip below.

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