Miles Teller Is Telling That Incredible Shark Story (You Know The One) Again

Miles Teller, national hero

Remember when news stories about Miles Teller saving a pregnant woman from a shark emerged on the internet last year? Apparently, that wasn't just clickbait fodder, but something that actually happened. While promoting his new film War Dogs on The Tonight Show on Thursday, Teller told host Jimmy Fallon that he’s basically a hero, and then deemed it “Hero Week” on the show.

While filming War Dogs in Miami, Teller was swimming with his girlfriend Keleigh Sperr when the couple encountered a pregnant woman with a toddler. She said a shark had just swam past them and asked Teller to help her and her child. “That’s three people right there [I saved],” Teller joked. He also explained how costar Jonah Hill was napping during this entire experience — but if Hill had also been in the water, Teller would’ve saved him, too.

“Just doing gods [sic] work guys,” Teller tweeted after Hill’s August 2 guest appearance on The Tonight Show, when the shark story was first brought up. Check out the riveting tale in the video below.

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