Jennifer Lopez Insures Body For $1 Billion

Singer-actress Jennifer Lopez may have one of the most valuable figures in the entertainment world, as the Latin star has reportedly insured her voluptuous assets to the tune of $1 billion.

The British tabloid "The Sun" has reported that Lopez recently took out the billion dollar policy with a Manhattan insurance company at the behest of her reps at International Creative Management. The policy is believed to be the largest premium ever taken out by a performer or celebrity.

Considering Lopez's recent successes in both film and music, the pricey insurance would seem to make good business sense. Her first solo record, "On the 6," has been certified double platinum after 26 weeks on the "Billboard" album chart, and it also spawned a number one pop single, "If You Had My Love."

Lopez will also earn a seven-digit figure for one of her next big screen roles, as "Variety" reports that the double-threat star will be paid $8 million for the romantic thriller "Angel

Eyes," up from the previously announced sum of $5 million (see [article id="1431406"]"Jennifer Lopez Could Get Big Bucks For 'Angel Eyes'"[/article]).

Lopez's film career has been on the fast track after she earned rave reviews for her starring turns in "Selena" and opposite George Clooney in "Out Of Sight."

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