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This 'Supernatural' Playdate Is A Real Family Affair For Rowena And Crowley

The King of Hell’s mom spends time with her unofficial grandchild

Supernatural's Rowena and Crowley have the most complicated mother/son relationship since Norma and Norman Bates. When audiences first met the mother in Season 10, they finally saw another side to Crowley, a.k.a. the King of Hell, but since their hellacious reunion on the show, the duo have butted heads every step of the way.

Thankfully, actors Ruth Connell and Mark Sheppard are total besties when they're not trying to battle Lucifer and putting up with the Winchesters' crap. While several of the cast partied it up in Sin City for Supernatural's Vegas convention, Connell spent some much-needed time with Sheppard's daughter, Isabella — her grandchild by way of TV.

It appears Connell wasn't the only cast member smitten with the "Princess of Hell." A few days ago, Sheppard's wife, Sarah, posted an adorable pic of SPN squad members totally charmed by Isabella. As one fan commented, "We've got God, an archangel, and two humans playing with the king of hell's daughter. In the background, there's another archangel, a knight of hell, two cop hunters, a guitarist from God's band, and a human conversating."

Work it, Isabella.