'Jackass 3D' Stars Recall Their Favorite Stunts

Sewage dive and pudding diaper among the cast's picks.

The upcoming "Jackass 3D" movie caps off ten years of cringe-inducing, did-they-just-really-do-that? stunts that have both entertained and freaked out fans. When the cast looks back on some of their favorite moments, many feats of foolishness come to mind, including BMX jousting, fast-food football and "every time that [Johnny Knoxville] gets on a skateboard or into a bull ring," as Steve-O said.

However, there is one stunt in particular that still blows the guys' minds after all of these years: Ryan Dunn's jump into a pool of raw sewage. Although plunging into a vat of waste has some fairly obvious drawbacks, many of the castmembers agree that what made the experience truly unforgettable were the things that didn't make the screen.

"I love it when ... Ryan Dunn jumped into the sewage plant with just a snorkel and then he found out later there was just like, crazy rotating blades just underneath his feet," Dave England recalled. "I guess six feet down, if he had went a little farther it would have just sucked him in and ripped him to shreds and we wouldn't be having the 10-year anniversary right now."

Jeff Tremaine agreed that Dunn's dive was memorable not only for the craziness of the stunt but because it also gave the cast a look at the daredevil's equally nutty ink.

"I loved when you [referencing Bam Margera] made Ryan jump into the poo factory, the 'Poo Dive' I think we called it," Tremaine said. " 'Cause that was horrible, but the best part was ... revealing his tattoos that we didn't know about. That was the first time we ever met Ryan."

Margera explained that his high-school pal Dunn came up with the idea to plummet into gallons of raw sewage and when he showed up he immediately made an impression with his scrappy tats.

"He takes his pants off [and] he's has all these ... homemade tattoos," Margera remembered. "It's like a Red Hot Chili Pepper sign, a noose and then a Blair Witch [Project] thing. It's just total ridiculous nonsense."

"I think there's just a little ... piece of barbed wire," Tremaine added. "I think he was intending it to go all the way around his thigh but ... I guess, maybe it hurt too bad so he's just got a little half inch of barbed wire."

"It's just a whole bunch of terribleness," Margera added.

Other fondly-remembered moments include Jason "Wee Man" Acuña's romp as a skateboarding Oompa Loompa and England's turn as vagabond with a questionable diet.

"I liked it when Dave did the chocolate pudding in the diaper and then threw it in the trash in the park and then came and pulled it out and was like, 'I'm so hungry, I'm so hungry,' and this guy was like, 'Yo, homeboy that's a diaper,' " Preston Lacy laughed.

For those wondering how the prankster crew can top their decade of debauchery in "Jackass 3D," which hits theaters on Friday, Knoxville said one of his personal favorite stunts is in the forthcoming flick.

"Steve-O's Port-O-Potty bungee in this one is pretty epic," Knoxville teased.

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