11 Things Christina Aguilera Needs To Teach Us In Her New Online Singing Class

Yes, the high note from 'What A Girl Wants' is on here.

If you’ve ever harbored secret fantasies about crushing a ballad as brilliantly as Christina Aguilera... well... honestly, good luck to you. Xtina is a living legend; a tiny woman with a remarkable voice that doesn’t come along often. Sorry.

But here’s the good news: the former “Voice” coach is now lending her superstar prowess and raw talent to give online singing lessons through, an online platform that gives anyone the opportunity to learn from the best. She joins an already star-studded roster of talent lending their skills to the site, including Usher (who teaches performance) and Serena Williams (who teaches, you guessed it, tennis).

According to a press release, courses run $90 apiece and include "video lessons, interactive exercises, learning materials, and workbooks.” It’s not clear yet just how hands-on Christina will be (will she be actually be hearing students sing and giving feedback? Or simply offering up prerecorded lectures?). But one thing’s for sure: students will be learning from the absolute best in the business.

So in anticipation of Christina’s new teaching venture, we’ve made a wish list of 11 lessons we’d like to get out of this “master class.”

How to hit the high note in “What A Girl Wants.”

We’re thinking it starts with that infamous maneuver of putting one hand on your ear. All the greats do it.

How to rock the sh-t out of a cover song.

And this wasn’t just ANY cover song — it was one performed by the late, great James Brown.

How to crush it when you’re not even old enough to own a cell phone.

She was even kicking ass and taking names on “The Mickey Mouse Club.”

How to work a small crowd.

This MTV “Stripped” performance of “Come on Over” proves she can rock even the smallest room and make any uptempo jam an acoustic masterpiece.

How to hold the longest note ever, AND how to properly pay tribute to someone.

Performing “At Last” at Etta James’ funeral? Yeah, no pressure there.

How to modernize a retro tune.

Her throwback-leaning performance of “Ain’t No Other Man” at the 2006 MTV Movie Awards brought the house down.

How to lead an orchestra for a classy affair.

Sorry, Damien from “Mean Girls,” but we think this is the most powerful rendition of “Beautiful” ever.

How to bring the drama to the stage.

As if “Hurt” wasn’t an emotional and dramatic enough ballad already, there was this whole walking-through-smoke and collapsing-on-the-ground bit.

How to outshine everyone else in a group setting.

No offense to Pink, Mya and Lil Kim, but Xtina OWNS this song. This Grammys performance is the only time all four of them have gotten together to sing it live, and we’re thinking it’s probably because they soon realized they were completely outshone.

How to hit one of the hardest notes ever.

The high E above middle C note is legendary. It’s also the reason why Christina booked the song “Reflection” from “Mulan,” as she demonstrates here.

How to be a total triple threat.

OK, so “Burlesque” was technically a flop, but you still have to admit Christina was a MARVEL in that movie. Know why? Singing, dancing AND acting is harder than it looks, people.