Kylie Jenner Busts Out A Kiss For Justin Bieber

And his new single.

Kylie Jenner is sealing Justin Bieber's new single with a kiss.

The reality star is just the latest celeb to join in on the countdown to Justin's upcoming single, "What Do You Mean." Justin posted this pic of Kylie, who is puckering up those lips for the camera and reminding us that we are 25 days away from hearing the up-tempo "summery" single.

I have to say that Justin's countdown posts have been making this waiting game a little more bearable. He kicked off pics with help from his twin Ruby Rose, who hyped up the Beliebers while vacationing in Venice.

Then "Late Late Show" host James Corden got in on the action, even though he had no idea what the song is called.

Colombian singer J Balvin made sure to help out, too, as well as rapper and comedian Lil Dicky, who gave us some extra information on Justin's Calvin Klein underwear ads.

And finally, you know it's a big deal when the one and only Mariah Carey is excited. BTW, are these two working together? Please let the rumors be true.

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