'Amazing Spider-Man' Writer Teases 'Darker' Spin-Off 'Venom'

'Venom is the representation of every line that will get crossed,' Kurtzman said.

By Charles Webb

As Sony has begun to build their own cinematic universe around Spider-Man, one man has been there through it all as one of its architects: writer and producer Alex Kurtzman. Somewhere between a female-driven spinoff and a potential "Sinister Six" movie, Kurtzman has his own assignment: bringing anti-hero "Venom" to the big screen.

Kurtzman was on hand at the Paley Center For Media's red carpet premiere for CBS's "Scorpion" (which he produces) in advance of its premiere September 22 on CBS. While there, MTV News asked the producer about the appeal of Spider-Man's black-suited enemy.

"The idea," Kurtzman explained, "is that you can do things with Venom that you can't do with Spider-Man."

Making his appearance all the way back in "Amazing Spider-Man" #299 (1986), Venom, for the uninitiated, is disgraced reporter Eddie Brock and the transforming alien costume that bonded with him. Both have a grudge against Peter Parker, and they're not afraid to terrorize, or kill anyone around him for a little payback. At the same time, Venom/Brock weirdly thinks of himself as a hero, making the occasional jump over to the good guys' side.

While it's not currently known whether Brock, Venom's later identity Flash Thompson, or some third iteration will be featured in the movie, it does seem that the character will share at least some DNA with his comic book counterpart.

"Venom is the representation of every line that will get crossed," Kurtzman said. "He's a much darker character."

When it comes to comparing what Sony is doing with "Amazing Spider-Man," and what Marvel is accomplishing with its cinematic universe, Kurtzman said he thinks his team has a bit of a head start, one that has allowed the Spider-verse to evolve.

"You know, Spider-Man has the benefit of having so many more movies than even some of the movies that have 2's and 3's in front of them from Marvel," Kurtzman explained.

And even though he's not currently involved with the still-planned "Amazing Spider-Man 3," Kurtzman did have some advice on how the main franchise could continue.

"I think as long as it keeps staying true to character, and true to who Peter is, and putting him in interesting and complicated situations, it'll survive," Kurtzman suggested. "Because it's so beloved - everybody loves Spider-Man."

"Scorpion" will make its debut on CBS on September 22.

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