Risky Business: Will 'History Repeat Itself' For Rachel On 'Teen Mom: Young And Pregnant'?

Hazelee's mother admitted she's not using birth control

Rachel is a teen mom to Hazelee, but could the Tennessean be young and pregnant with her second child?

During tonight's episode, Rachel -- who has been spending time with her ex Drew and on-again off-again and now seemingly on-again boyfriend Jacob -- admitted she was no longer taking birth control while being sexually active.

"The reason I stopped was because every day I would take it at different times, and you're supposed to keep it in a pattern at the same time every day, or I would skip a day," she confessed.

When Rachel told her mother Stephanie that she was no longer taking medication, the latter inquired if she was using another form of protection.

"I was at first, but condoms are too f*cking expensive and I'm a broke bitch, and I ain't paying for that sh*t," Rachel replied.

Stephanie proposed Rachel get an IUD, but Rachel insisted that she would not get one.

"You kept on missing, and now look -- you could be pregnant again," Stephanie said. "You've got a three-month-old kid. Oh, by the way, let's recap. How old was Mama when she got pregnant with Carter? How old were you? For real. Three months old. Now Rachel has a baby, three months old, and she might be pregnant."

The chat concluded with this ominous prediction.

"Everything repeats itself," Stephanie declared. "History repeats itself."

What do you think: Will "history repeat itself" for Rachel? Or will she change her ways? Sound off in the comments, and keep watching her every Tuesday on Young and Pregnant at 9/8c.

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