The 'Fantastic Four' Cast Explains Why It's Not Just Another Origin Story

Bruce Wayne's parents will 'not' get shot in this movie.

With reporting by Josh Horowitz

With so many superhero movies being remade, rebooted, sequeled, and so on and so forth every couple of years, stories like Uncle Ben's death, the demise of Bruce Wayne's parents, and Captain America's first jaunt with the shield have become as imprinted in our brains as our own childhood memories. So when MTV News sat down with the new Fantastic Four -- Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Bell -- at FIZZ Lounge in Las Vegas during CinemaCon, we just had to ask if their upcoming reboot would tell the old familiar tales.

"I would say, go by what you see," Teller, who plays Reed Richards in the film, said. "I think at this point, our suits are out there. You see our suits."

Basically, don't expect "Batman Begins." Got it.

"We are superheroes for a lot of the film, but you also are with us for a decent amount of time before that happens," added Mara, who plays "Invisible Woman" Sue Storm.

The "Fantastic Four" gang also assured as that they won't be going down the same old, tried-and-true route when it comes to the film's already announced 2017 sequel -- because they're exiting the superhero genre entirely.

"[The sequel is] a love relationship between The Thing and Sue," Jamie Bell joked. "It's great. It's a classic 'Beauty and the Beast' kind of scenario.'"

But, um, isn't there already an Emma Watson-led "Beauty and the Beast" hitting theaters that same year? Won't that serve as some pretty heavy competition?

Not so much, because -- as Teller so politely put it -- The Thing doesn't exactly transform into a Dan Stevens-esque hottie at the end of "Fantastic Four."

"The Beast turns into a dude she can actually be in love with," Teller joked.

Way harsh, Tai. Find out what else the gang had to say about catchphrases, voice changes and more in the video, then be sure to check out "Fantastic Four" on August 7.