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'Up In The Air' Director Jason Reitman Reveals The Real George Clooney

Reitman says the worst part of hanging with the Oscar winner is 'the guy gets mobbed.'

Ryan Bingham has rules -- rules about airport security lines, per diem travel expenses and overnight stays in fancy hotels. It's all part of his meticulously planned quest to amass 10 million frequent-flier miles for no other reason, it seems at first, than that vanishingly few people on Earth have reached that stratospheric plateau and enjoyed the first-class perks along the way.

In [movie id="391958"]"Up in the Air,"[/movie] though, all is not as it appears, and as played by Oscar winner [movieperson id="12193"]George Clooney[/movieperson], Bingham's airport-hopping mission soon reveals itself to be as much blind diversion as it is joyful journey. Director [movieperson id="52512"]Jason Reitman[/movieperson] ("Juno") has spent months traveling from runway to runway as he promotes his film, often with Clooney by his side. So what are the perks of traveling with one of Hollywood's most famous men? And -- heaven forbid! -- could there possibly be a downside?

"The worst part is the guy gets mobbed, and I feel bad for him," Reitman told MTV News. "And the best thing, I guess, is he has carte blanche to go anywhere he wants."

From [article id="1622095"]their first meeting about the script[/article] in Clooney's Italian villa to their time promoting the film -- which has been garnering a ton of Oscar buzz since [article id="1620962"]debuting at the Telluride Film Festival[/article] in September and which opens for limited release Friday -- the duo have gotten to know each other well. But Reitman still doesn't have Clooney's e-mail address. He's not even sure the guy's got one.

"He must," Reitman decided.

When it comes to social networking, however, Reitman is positive about Clooney's stance. "My guess is he would rather have hot pokers burn the top layers of his eyeballs than go on Twitter," he laughed.

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