Christina Milian And Kelsey Grammer Are Teaming Up For A New Reality Show

Frasier and Christina?

What the...? I read some pretty wild and unexpected stories on the Internet every day, but this is definitely one of the most surprising/confusing/strange things I've seen in a while.

Christina Milian hasn't been showing up in terms of musical output recently, but she has appeared on "Dacning With the Stars" and "The Voice," and now she's set to star in a brand new E! reality series.

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The show will reportedly document her as she balances motherhood with her career and dating, which all sounds normal enough...but Kelsey Grammer will be producing it. That's "Frasier," if his government name isn't familiar to you.

Grammer has produced some cult favorites like "Girlfriends," but this still seems to be a little out of left field. For now, the show is being called "Christina Milian Turned Up," and it will premiere in 2015.

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