Ryan Phillippe Is Going Nude, And Prepping For 'MacGruber 2'

The 'Catch Hell' star/writer/director is heading to two comedies next.

You can catch Ryan Phillippe in thriller mode for "Catch Hell," which he also wrote and directed. But after being captured and tortured for the film, which is currently in theaters and on iTunes, what Phillippe wants to do now is laugh. And get naked.

"I got nude for [Judd Apatow] and Amy Schumer," Phillippe told MTV News about his role in his upcoming movie, "Trainwreck."

This isn't Phillippe's first experience with comedy, either. He starred in 2010's "MacGruber," which is inching closer than ever to getting a sequel.

"We are going to do 'MacGruber 2,' we are very close to making [it]," Phillippe said. "And wait until you find out who's going to be in it. The villain is going to blow your mind."

How do you improve on Val Kilmer from the first movie? "You can," Phillipe said, laughing.

So how does "MacGruber" go from, shall we say, not the biggest hit of all time to getting a sequel?

"They're nearly done with the script, yeah. Will [Forte] and Jorma [Taccone] have been working on the script for a while, and there's an audience for it now!" Phillippe continued. "So it bombs at the theaters, gets the worst reviews of all time, but every comedian that you know loves this movie.

"Now there's college drinking games, there's kids going out as our characters for Halloween. It's going to be fun to see what happens when there is a second one. Even if it's just Twitter mentions and people telling you how much they say they love it."

And clearly, that's where the triple-threat's passions lie. He admitted: "My obsessions, my hobbies are hip-hop and comedy. That's what makes me happiest. So I kind of want to go more comedy, and take a break from the drama for a little bit."

You can catch Phillippe in a drama -- while you still can -- in "Catch Hell," in theaters and digital on demand now.