Women, Your Weird Sexual Fantasies Might Not Be So Weird

A new scientific study breaks down the most common and uncommon things that turn people on.

Have you been hiding your sexual fantasies way down deep because they make you uncomfortable? Maybe it's because you think nice girls don't have those dirty thoughts. Well, you might not be as filthy-minded as you worried. Three researchers from Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières surveyed over 1,500 heterosexual adults, asking them to rate 55 sexual fantasies and to share their own. The results, which were published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, show that a broad spectrum of fantasies are more common than you think.

Predictably, women are more discerning in their fantasies than men. For example, the 20th most common fantasy for men appealed to 62.4% of respondents (masturbating a stranger), whereas the 20th most common fantasy for women only had a 36.8% approval (being masturbated by an acquaintance). But don't take our word for it. Numbers never lie and those numbers, representing the most common and uncommon fantasies for heterosexual women, are below.

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10 most common fantasies for women:

1. Sex in a romantic location (84.9%)

2. Sex in an unusual place (81.7%)

3. Taking part in oral sex (78.5%)

4. Performing fellatio (72.1%)

5. Being masturbated by your partner (71.4%)

6. Masturbating your partner (68.1%)

7. Sex with someone you know other than your spouse (66.3%)

8. Being dominated (64.6%)

9. Sex in a public place (57.3%)

10. Sex with more than three people, both men and women (56.5%)

10 least common fantasies for women:

1. Swinging with a couple you know (17.5%)

2. Getting naked or partially naked in public space (16.6%)

3. Sex with a prostitute or stripper (12.5%) (12)

4. Sex with a woman with very small breasts (10.8%)

5. Sex with someone who is drunk, asleep, or unconscious (10.8%)

6. Forcing someone to have sex (10.8%)

7. Cross-dressing (6.9%)

8. Urinating on your sexual partner or getting urinated on (3.5%)

9. Having sex with an animal (3.0%)

10. Having sex with a child under the age of 12 (0.8%)

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