Here Are The Biggest Misconceptions About Being A 'Pretty Little Mama'

The stars of MTV's new reality show talk about what it's 'really' like to be a young mother

The pretty little mamas became parents at a young age. And, according to Cheyenne, "Just because we're moms does not mean we can't shake it."

But what would some of the cast members -- who you can watch when the series premieres on August 30 -- say is the most common misconception about being young parents?

"I think it would be if you have a kid young, your life is over," Queen Bee Nicole recently told MTV News. "I think a lot of people go 'Well, there goes your life.' For me, I feel like my life just started when I had [daughter] Noelle."

Nikki, meanwhile, believes people often perceive moms her age as "lost souls."

"It's not the norm to have kids super young these days, but it takes a lot to be a young mom," Alaina's mother says. "I don't think we get enough credit."

Don't miss Nicole, Nikki, Chandlar, Cheyenne and Alyssa on MTV's Pretty Little Mamas this Thursday at 9/8c and catch the "Meet the Moms" special tonight at 11/10c.

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