Before Skylar Grey, There Was Holly Brook (And Fort Minor's 'Where'd You Go')

Sunday night's (February 13) 53rd Grammy Awards was a star-making evening for a handful of young stars in the music world. With their underdog victory in the Album of the Year category, Arcade Fire grabbed their biggest exposure yet. Following her win for Best New Artist, Esperanza Spalding became a household name overnight (and gave jazz bass a much larger audience). And in anchoring the hot new Dr. Dre/Eminem single "I Need a Doctor" with her vocal gymnastics, Skylar Grey elevated her profile significantly (especially considering how many people were buzzing about the greatness of that performance). Couple that with the fact that "I Need a Doctor" continues to perform well on the iTunes chart (it currently only trails Lady Gaga's just-released "Born This Way" at the top of the heap), and suddenly you have a star in the making.

But Grey (whose real name is Holly Hafermann) isn't taking her first trip to the rodeo. In fact, she was a key component of one of the biggest songs of 2006 in Fort Minor's "Where'd You Go" (she was known as Holly Brook then). The track, which appeared on Linkin Park member Mike Shinoda's side project's only album (2005's The Rising Tied), just missed topping the Billboard Hot 100 in 2006 (it peaked at number four, behind "Ridin'" by Chamillionaire, Daniel Powter's "Bad Day" and Nelly Furtado's "Promiscuous"). At the center of the song was Grey's gorgeous voice, which wrapped the chorus in layer upon layer of hauntingly gorgeous melancholy.

When MTV News caught up with Shinoda back in 2006 just before the release of "Where'd You Go," he took us to meet Brook. During the interview, Brook revealed her background (dig the footage of her playing piano as a little girl), her influences, the sentiment behind the big single and the story behind her own album Like Blood Like Honey.


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