'Walking Dead' Creator Talks Steamy Sex Scene

'It brings a sense of hope into the show,' Robert Kirkman tells MTV News of the budding romance between Glenn and Maggie.

"The Walking Dead" spent a lot of time dwelling on the dead in last week's "Save the Last One" episode, so it's only fair that the most recent outing -- titled "Cherokee Rose" -- focused most of its energy on the living. Hot on the heels of Otis' tragic death and Carl's stressful surgery, this week's episode finally turned up the heat and gave us a whole lot of flesh -- but not the kind "Walking Dead" heads are typically used to.

We're talking, of course, about the steamy sex scene between go-to odd-jobs man Glenn (Steven Yeun) and newcomer Maggie (Lauren Cohan), daughter of farmer Hershel Greene. After Glenn successfully roped in an incredibly gruesome zombie at the bottom of a well (seriously, did you see that thing? That's Greg Nicotero at his finest!), the former pizza delivery boy clearly demonstrated enough cojones to win Maggie's heart -- or at least her body. But following the spontaneous sexual encounter, Maggie called it quits, leaving Glenn more than a little bit confused about what just happened.

Glenn might be down at the moment, but he's definitely not out. In a recent interview, "Walking Dead" creator Robert Kirkman assured MTV News that the romance between Maggie and Glenn will be mostly faithful to their fan-favorite relationship as seen in the comics.

"I can't go into too many details as far as the Glenn-Maggie relationship goes, I wouldn't want to reveal too much, but I can say it's kept largely intact from what happens in the comic book series," Kirkman said. "Seeing Lauren Cohan and Steven Yeun on set together is just absolutely amazing for me. It's like, 'Oh, there's Glenn and Maggie!'

"Watching them kiss is no fun, that's just weird," he quipped. "But they do a good job at it. They seem to enjoy kissing each other. I think Steven might enjoy it more than Lauren, but that's just my take on the situation."

On a serious note, Kirkman applauded the Glenn-Maggie romance for shining a spotlight on the brighter side of the "Walking Dead" universe -- a side that's very rarely seen.

"It brings a sense of hope into the show, that these two people can find each other and find love," Kirkman said. "It's fun to have a bit of romance in there and think that, despite everything that's going on in this world, two people can find some form of happiness.

"Until a zombie attacks," he quickly warned, "and zombies do attack from time to time."

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