28 Jordan Catalano GIFs That Know Exactly How You Feel

Permission to SWOON.

If the very mention of the name Jordan Catalano sends a thrill down your spine which is quickly followed by emotional bursts of confusion, anger, excitement and eventual commitment to your unwavering obsession, well, welcome to the club.

It's been 21 years to the day since "My So-Called Life" first aired on ABC and introduced the most epic romance to ever grace the halls of any TV high school ever. Immediately, we fell in love with Jared Leto's cruel-but-cool character at pace with Claire Danes' hapless hipster Angela Chase.

All this time later, the show still holds up as a powerful take on the ups and downs of a first true love, and young Catalano is still supremely watchable and has expressions that speak directly to each and every feel spot, like so:

This one is for when you want to say 'go on' without having to say it.

Jordan Catalano Arms Crossed Go On

Crossed arms? Check. Pursed lips? Check. Intoxicatingly inviting eye blink? CHECK.

And here's for when you just don't like what you're hearing.

MSCL Jordan Catalano You'

A well-placed sandwich is the perfect punctuation.

When you rule the school but still have to see if people are looking.

Jordan Catalano - Ruling the school

The tree falling in the forest analogy of existentialism totally applies to the popular kids, too.

Here's how it looks when your head is in the clouds and, um, you forgot you're not alone.

Jordan Catalano - When there are no words

Note: This gives the other implied permission to enjoy the gorgeous profile view.

When you just don't understand all the emotions.

MSCL Jordan Catalano So are you crying or something

But, you know, you can't not say something.

When you realize your real first love has four wheels and a fender.

MSCL Jordan Catalano My Car

And it's a thing of beauty, oh yes.

When you've just heard a terrible story but have absolutely zero input.

MSCL Jordan Catalano That'

E for effort?

When some sh-t's about to go DOWN, and you're ready to see it happen.

Jordan Catalano - When sh-ts about to go down

Where's. The. Popcorn.

When being awake is ... not happening right now.

Jordan Catalano - When being awake is not an option

But hell yes to an impromptu slumber-jam session. Those dream strings aren't gonna strum themselves.

When you're feeling creative AF all of a sudden.

Jordan Catalano playing guitar

Feel it, dudes. Feel it.

When someone just straight schooled you in front of everybody.

Jordan Catalano when someone just laid it down

Just take your licks and let it ride.

When your BF/GF just told you something important but you've already forgotten. Oops.

Jordan Catalano - When they'

Something about ... something.

When you just KNOW your hair is on point.

Jordan Catalano hair sweep

Yeah, this is working for me.

When it's time to pucker up already.

Jordan Catalno Angela Chase kiss

Less talky more smoochy.

When there is literally only one thing on your mind: FOOD.

Jordan Catalano - when food is the only thing on your mind

It all just boils down to this sandwich right now, guys, and that's more than OK.

When you all of a sudden you don't feel like you belong.

Jordan Catalno - Don'

Is it stuffy in here to anyone else? No? Just me?

When, great, you're getting the random silent treatment (AGAIN).

Jordan Catalano - Being ignored

Ouch. So much ouch.

When you just know you messed up.

Jordan Catalano - Look of disappointment

This is gonna get ugly.

When peer pressure is starting to get the better of you.

MSCL - Jordan Catalano convincing

Don't try this at home, kids.

When ... no. Just no.

Jordan Catalno - The not this Look


When it's officially time to drop the beat.

Jordan Catalano - at the mic

Let's get this party started.

When only the most ideal pre-kiss smolder will do.

Jordan Catalano - The pre-kiss smoulder

Work the eyes. It's allll in the eyes.

When the world is just so beautiful and mysterious all of a sudden.

Jordan Catalano - The close-up

It's been there the whole time!

When you just heard the most perfect thing.

Jordan Catalno - this wink

Words. The words are good.

When you just got home from the best date ever...

Jordan Catalano - the smirk


... But then they didn't text you to make sure you got home OK.

Jordan Catalano - the sensitive soul lookaway


When you've got a lot on your mind but MUCH TO DO.

Jordan Catalano - sexy pensive chin swife

It'll have to wait 'til later.

When you need to make a stylish exit.

MSCL - Jordan Catalano Gotta Go

You gone.

You can (read: totally should) currently binge-watch "My So-Called Life" on Hulu.

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