Game, Kanye Goof On Video Vixens In New Clip

Game also hints next LP might be his last.

One MC's trash is another MC's treasure.

Game can thank Common for his new single, "Wouldn't Get Far." Com had nothing to do with the production, but after he turned down the Kanye West-produced track, 'Ye slid it to his West Coast partna.

"Game had texted me like, 'Yo, what's up? I'm finishing the album,' " West recalled Tuesday on the Los Angeles set of a video for the single. "And you know how [producers usually] send, like, 12 beats? I sent the one beat and said, 'I got this one for you. This is it, right here.' If he had passed on it, I would've used it myself, but I'm happy that Game went ahead and did it."

(Watch Game, Kanye and Lil Jon on the set of "Wouldn't Get Far.")

(It's also not the first Kanye track Common has passed on: Several tracks from Kanye's Late Registration were offered to Com, and he's since passed on a track they were collaborating on called "The Glory" -- see [article id="1532320"]"Common, Kanye Going For 'Glory' On Raw, Soulful New Songs.")[/article]

It took several months, but their collaboration is now ready to hit the small screen in the form of a music video. Game said it's tough, though, keeping up his patented Compton snarl when hanging around the lovable Louis Vuitton Don.

"He chips away at my gangsta," Game said during a lunch break. "He's got so much style and class. He jumps around in the videos. He's saying how all the chicks dig him; they dig me too, [but] he gets a smile on a gangsta's face. Kanye is one of my homies -- we both young, black, rich and famous. And we having fun in California."

[article id="1549642"](Check out photos from the video set right here)[/article].

Lil Jon and Pitbull also made their way onto the set of the video -- which spoofs the video-vixen concept -- to show Game love, and Game was in fact expecting some cameos from some of the vixens he addresses in the song, like Melyssa Ford, Hoopz from VH1's "Flavor of Love" and Vida Guerra, but only Gloria Velez showed up (see "Mixtape Monday: 50 Cent Might Drop A Double LP; Game Plays Nice").

"It wasn't really a dis, I shouted them out," Game said about some of his unflattering lyrics in the record, which portray the women as having hidden agendas in their interactions with celebrity male performers. "It's all in the fun, good nature of hip-hop. We're just having fun. It was never nothing personal.

"Some people, I had to pick up the phone and had to reach out to," he added about how he contacted the vixens. "My management had some relationships. ... Some people showed up, some people didn't, but at the end of the day it's my video. All we really need is me -- I'm pretty too!"

Besides "Wouldn't Get Far," Game might be going in front of the camera for a couple of videos with Nas. There's talk about the two shooting "Hustlers" from Nas' Hip Hop Is Dead and "Why You Hate the Game" rom Game's latest LP, Doctor's Advocate.

"We talk about everything -- life, kids. It's bigger than hip-hop with us," Game said of his relationship with God's Son. "He's one of my homies. He's my mentor, he's been like a big brother to me. You can look for me and Nas to be doing a lot of stuff: hangin', chillin', doing movies, albums."

Unlike his friend from New York, who says sometimes he feels he can rap forever, Game said his time in rap could very well be reaching an end. He said he wants to spend more time with his family and is thinking about bringing his album career to an abrupt halt.

"I got my third album all in my head," he said sitting in the director's chair on the set, with Kanye and G.O.O.D. Music artists Really Doe and Don C. joking in the back. "I know the title. I know how many songs it's gonna be. I know the concepts. My third album might be my last album -- so look out."