Fighting in the War Room #3: The Best Films of 2013 on Netflix Instant

[Editor's note: For the last two years or so, I've co-hosted a movies podcast with a lovable bunch of rogues (Katey Rich of "Vanity Fair", Dave Gonzales of  "Latino Review", and Matt Patches of pretty much all the websites there were / are / ever will be). Until recently the shown was known as "Operation Kino" and hosted on Cinemablend, but recent events compelled us to go the independent route and rebrand the podcast as "Fighting in the War Room".

Since's readership and FITWR seem like such a natural fit, I'll be posting new episodes of the show here, even the ones on which I sound like an incoherent jackass (i.e. most of them). We publish two episodes each week: Every Tuesday sees a new hour-long conversation about a variety of different film topics, and on every Friday we release a shorter review episode devoted to the week's most interesting new release. I'd encourage you to check out our podcast's new home over at  Thanks, and I hope you enjoy the show! – David]

This week, Da7e, David, Patches and Katey concern themselves with the middle part movies. First, returning guest Sean O’Connell from stops by to discuss the new trailer for Marc Webb’s "Amazing Spider-Man 2" and how it involved many more elements than most expected, followed by a short segment with a recommendation from each host on a really good movie from 2013 available for you to stream now. We wrap things up on a surprising note as David enjoyed the new Hobbit movie more than Patches while Katey and Da7e have mixed feelings about seeing this new Peter Jackson episode.

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00:00-00:37 Lightning Round: CGI Characters

00:38 – 01:36 Intro: Welcome to Episode 3, iTunes Please

01:37 -13:46 Da7e’s tidbit: Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer with Spider-Fan Sean O’Connell

13:47 – 21:56 Mini-segment: A “Best Of 2013″ You Can Stream RIGHT NOW.

21:57 – 44:28 Segment 3: Desolation Of Smaug and Being Trapped in A Middle Part

44:29 – 47:39 Goodbye!  

This week’s music:

“The Best” by Tina Turner

“Desolation Row” by Vitamin String Quartet

1000 Pieces of Light” by Jess