It Looks Like Jillian Rose Reed Has Got Her Own 'F**k It List'

The 'Awkward' actress may be adopting her character’s carefree new 'tude. Exhibit A: a kiss with her co-star.

Earlier this season on "Awkward," Tamara committed to spending the second semester of her senior year in a state of total anarchy, and so far, the "F**k It List" has really flown. But is actress Jillian Rose Reed following her character's lead?

Last night, while the casts of "Awkward," "Faking It" and "Happyland" live-tweeted through #TripleCrushTuesday, things got a little goofy, and at one point, JRR seemed ready to lock lips with co-star Ashley Rickards.

True, the actresses' characters Tamara and Jenna had been there before, but it was a new frontier for JRR and Ash.

Jillian Rose Reed's Instagram


"Watching awkward and touching tongue obvi," Jill tweeted with the photo above, and the madness didn't stop there. Naturally, as the night went on, snacks became necessary, and Jill helped Ash cure her hunger pangs in true "F**k-It" fashion.

"This is how we have fun," Jill wrote alongside an Instagram video in which she feeds Ashley a block of feta cheese. Let's hope sipping on soda in tandem didn't end in disaster...

And while Jillian and Ashley were having a blast, "Awkward" co-star Molly Tarlov, sadly, found herself stuck between a rock and a hard place. Or, more accurately, between Sadie Saxton's former and current flames, Austin and Sergio.

Molly Tarlov's Instagram


"HALP!! #saustin #sadio" Molls tweeted with the photo above. WHAT'S A GIRL TO DO?!

+ Tell is if you caught any fun stuff during #TripleCrushTuesday, and be sure to catch "Awkward," "Faking It" and "Happyland" again next Tuesday starting at 10/9c!