Ewan McGregor Is 'Still Waiting For The Call' On Those 'Star Wars' Sequels

Plus, find out what he thinks about Kylo Ren's controversial lightsaber hilt!

With reporting by Josh Horowitz

When last we talked to star Ewan McGregor about possibly reprising his character Obi-Wan in one of the proposed "Star Wars" spin-offs, on February 13, 2013, the actor was totally, "up for it." Cut to two years later, when we caught up with the hard-working actor again at the Sundance Film Festival where he's premiering his new film, "Last Days in the Desert."

Given the gap, and that we now know there aren't just three more "Star Wars" sequels in the works, but multiple spin-offs confirmed, has McGregor gotten any closer to making his Obi-Wan spin-off a reality?

"No! I'm still waiting for the call!" McGregor said. "Seriously!"

After insisting that he wasn't lying (we called him out), and that if he was, you would see him shiftily look at the ground, he elaborated that, "But literally, I have had nothing. Nothing."

So talks haven't even begun (or phone calls) for anything "Star Wars" related... But even if they did, McGregor doesn't know exactly how any further appearance for Obi-Wan would actually happen.

"And I don't know how it could work, because I don't know what those stories are," McGregor continued. "I never discussed them with George [Lucas] when we made ours, so I have no idea what the three storylines are."

Musing even further, McGregor showed off an impressive grasp of "Star Wars" continuity by stating that, "I suppose, after my last one, after 'Episode III,' I become Alec Guinness, and then Alec Guinness is cut down by Lord Vader, and goes into [The Force]. But then, if he came back from there wouldn't he be Alec Guinness? Why would he suddenly be me?"

"I'm talking myself out of a job here, which is a silly idea," the star said, laughing.

Even if McGregor hasn't been sent any scripts or even had a phone call, he has seen the recently released trailer for "Star Wars: The Force Awakens..." And much to our surprise, the former Jedi shares one of the gripes held by a certain section of the fanbase.



"I saw it over someone's shoulder, I was watching on a film set, I watched it like that," McGregor said. "And I saw the hilt come [out], and I went: done."

Wait, done, like, "done, I'm in?" Or "done" like you don't need to see any more of the movie? Turns out, it's a little more of the latter (though to be fair, it was clear the cheery McGregor was mostly quipping).

"You don't need hilts!" McGregor said, laughing. "If you have a lightsaber, you don't need a silly hilt. Hilts are for-- Anyway, I won't say it."

McGregor continued, proving that if he did come back for a "Star Wars" sequel, Obi-Wan would probably have a few words with the mysterious Kylo Ren, wielder of the hilted lightsaber.

"We managed very well!" McGregor concluded, "the Jedi Order managed very well without hilts for hundreds of millions of years!"

"Last Days in the Desert" is now playing at the Sundance Film Festival.

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