Will Daenerys Marry Jon Snow? And 12 More 'Game Of Thrones' Questions

MTV News looks into the flames to answer your burning questions from the Season 6 finale, ‘The Winds of Winter’

In its sixth season, Game of Thrones answered an unprecedented number of questions, from years-long queries like how the White Walkers came to be and who Jon Snow's mother really is (and who his father is not), to questions we didn't even know we had, like how Hodor became Hodor (sob). With Daenerys Targaryen out of Meereen and Arya Stark fresh out of Braavos, Game of Thrones became a different show this season. It became the kind of show that could move through plot as quickly and seamlessly as Lord Varys can travel from Dorne to Meereen.

By setting George R.R. Martin's narrative ablaze, Game of Thrones became a more enjoyable viewing experience. The pieces are finally moving into place for its epic endgame battle, and regardless of which side you're on, you have to admit that it's incredibly thrilling to watch it take shape. Of course that doesn't mean David Benioff and D.B. Weiss are completely off the hook. We still have plenty of questions for Season 7. I may not be a greenseer like Bran, but I do consider myself a learned woman from Oldtown. So let's find you some answers.

Will Jaime kill Cersei?


Cersei Lannister Queen Game of Thrones

Short answer: yes. In order to understand why this makes so much sense, let's first let's deconstruct Maggy the Frog's ominous prophecy. "You will wed the king." Cersei married Robert Baratheon after he usurped the crown from the Targaryen dynasty. So, check! "Queen you shall be ... until there comes another, younger and more beautiful, to cast you down and take what you hold dear." Margaery Tyrell married King Joffrey and thereby became Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. So, again, check. "Six-and-ten for him, and three for you. Gold shall be their crowns and gold their shrouds." King Robert was a notorious womanizer in King's Landing, and as we saw in Season 1, he sired a lot of bastards — all of whom are now dead, except for one (Gendry). Cersei, however, gave birth to three children, and although they took the name Baratheon, they were biologically Jaime's children. Once again, Maggy the Frog nailed it.

But there's still one part of the prophecy we haven't addressed: Cersei's death. "When your tears have drowned you, the valonqar shall wrap his hands about your pale white throat and choke the life from you," Maggy said. Valonqar is a High Valyrian word for "little brother." As we know, both Jaime and Tyrion are technically Cersei's little brothers. She's lived her entire life believing that Tyrion would be the one to choke the life from her, but really, it's starting to look like that honor belongs to the Kingslayer himself, Jaime Lannister. After all, Cersei's last bit of humanity flew out of the window with Tommen; she's now a ruthless queen with caches of wildfire at her disposal. Jaime isn't going to be down with that.

Is anyone actually prepared for winter?


Game of Thrones

Despite its name, "The Winds of Winter" had zero ice zombies, which was a bit of a bummer for those of us who like the Night's King. But it did formally announce the start of winter, which can't bode well for the lords of Westeros. (Except for Lyanna Mormont, who seems to have shit under control.) The War of the Five Kings really fucked them. All that squabbling over the Iron Throne has left them approximately no time to prepare for winter, and from what we've heard, winters in Westeros can be long, dark, and brutal. Not to mention, winter is the perfect time for the White Walkers to strike -- and with Bran knocking on Castle Black's door, things don't look good for humanity.

OK, but is anyone worried about the horde of White Walkers headed south?


The Night'

Again, everyone seems a little distracted at the moment to care about the army of undead that's headed their way, even Jon Snow, the newly appointed King in the North. In fact, the only person who has his priorities straight is Sam, who finally made it to the Citadel in Oldtown. We know he's there to look for anything that could help Jon in his fight against the Night's King. But he really better hurry. If Bran's mark could destroy the magical barrier protecting the Three-Eyed Raven, there's no telling what it could do to the Wall. Actually, wait, we know what it's going to do to the Wall: destroy it.

Where is Arya headed next?


Arya Stark

A girl named Arya Stark did work in this finale. She killed Walder Frey! She made a Frey pie! She got vengeance for the Red Wedding! But what's next? She may have crossed a few names off her list, but due to some recent resurrections, some names are back in play, including the zombified Ser Gregor Clegane and his brother The Hound. Not to mention, she still has Beric, Thoros of Myr, Melisandre, and Queen Cersei Lannister on her list. Since three of those names happen to A) be traveling together, and B) be headed North, it wouldn't be too surprising if Arya met up with the Brotherhood Without Banners in Season 7. And who could possibly crash her party? The Red Priestess Melisandre, who's headed south. She told Arya that they would meet again, and given what Melisandre knows about Jon, Sansa, and the undead, perhaps Arya will spare her life.

How annoyed is Sansa at Jon right now?


Game of Thrones

If there's one conflict that I'm most interested in seeing play out in Season 7, it's the one currently brewing between Jon and Sansa in the North. It's not that Sansa wanted to be Queen in the North, but rather, she just wanted a little credit for Jon's win against Ramsay Bolton. Sure, Jon fought for House Stark on the frontlines, but it was Sansa who saved the day with the Knights of the Vale. Once again, Jon isn't listening to Sansa or giving her the credit she so rightfully deserves, and something tells me that this is going to be a major problem in the Great War to come, especially with Littlefinger planting ideas into Sansa's head. And now that we know Jon is the son of Lyanna Stark, his dubious claim to Winterfell is even weaker.

Has Littlefinger corrupted Sansa?

Sansa Game of Thrones

What has Littlefinger not corrupted? It's pretty obvious that Littlefinger is only on his own side. His impassioned plea to Sansa by the heart tree was just part of his master plan. A man of low birth, Littlefinger is thirsty for power — and he thinks a marriage to Sansa Stark is the way to acquire it. Deep down, all he wants is to sit on the Iron Throne. But is he willing to betray all of the Starks, especially Sansa, to do it? Remember, he was the one who spearheaded Ned Stark's death in Season 1, so I wouldn't doubt it.

Does Varys have a Time-Turner?


No, Varys doesn't have a Time-Turner. (Those have been destroyed!) There's actually a logical explanation for how he traveled from Dorne to Meereen so quickly. According to executive producer Bryan Cogman, the timelines of the various stories on Game of Thrones don't necessarily sync up. So a week or so probably went by between that conversation with Lady Olenna, Ellaria Sand, and Varys in Dorne and Daenerys's armada setting sail for Westeros. And honestly, I don't mind it. Think about it: Do you really want to watch Varys on a ship for three episodes? I didn't think so.

How long will it take Sam to read every book in that library?

game of thrones

Sam is in Oldtown to learn more about how to stop the White Walkers, but there's a hell of a lot of books in that Citadel library — and judging from Maester Librarian's poor record keeping, I highly doubt there's a library catalogue on hand. I hope you're a fast reader, Sam. All joking aside, it seems kind of obvious to me that Sam is the Neville Longbottom to Jon Snow's Harry Potter. Sweet Sam is destined to save the day in some remarkable way, but the nerd seems pretty hapless at the moment. Get your shit together, buddy.

How long will it take Daenerys to get to Westeros?


Game of Thrones

Given the rate at which things are happening on Game of Thrones, I'd be shocked if Daenerys and her fleet don't make it to King's Landing midway through the seventh season. There's always a possibility that Dany and her dragons make a stop at the Iron Islands to deal with Euron Greyjoy — and by "deal with," I mean "burn him alive." Although, I guess it depends on how quickly winter spreads across the realm, as snow and ice could slow her and her troops down. Let's not forget that in Season 2, Daenerys had a vision of the Iron Throne covered in snow.

Who are the three heads of the dragon?


Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen

In the books, Daenerys has a vision of Rhaegar in the House of the Undying. In it, he stands over a woman holding a newborn baby, claiming him to be the "song of ice and fire." (Presumably, he was referring to his son with Elia Martell, Aegon ... or his son with Lyanna Stark, Jon Snow.) He also recites a thoroughly debated prophecy: "The dragon has three heads." It's long been established that Daenerys is one of the three heads. As for the other two? It’s TBD, but Martin himself has confirmed that the three heads need not be Targaryens. Therefore, Tyrion's smooth encounter with Rhaegal and Viserion would suggest that he might very well be one of the three. How fitting would that be after his entire family laughed at him for wanting a dragon for his nameday? As for the third and final head, that's clearly Jon Snow. As we now know, he's got Targaryen blood in him.

Will Daenerys marry, fuck, and/or kill Jon Snow to preserve the Targaryen bloodline?

daenerys 3

Targaryens were known for inbreeding. They wanted to keep their bloodlines pure. However, this had some unforeseen consequences, including madness. Since Daenerys seems to have marriage on her mind after ditching Daario in Meereen, it could make sense for her to align herself with the King in the North to defeat the Lannisters once and for all. (Although, it's not like the Lannisters have any allies left at this point. Walder Frey's death will surely be blamed on Jaime.)

What is Bran's ultimate purpose?

Bran Game of Thrones

Other than fucking everything up, of course. Honestly, I love Bran. I love the exposition he brings. Without Bran, we would have never confirmed R+L=J — and that information could be vital for Jon Snow's overall place in the Great War approaching. It seems pretty clear that Bran will do two things in Season 7: He will *accidentally* bring down the Wall, thereby allowing thousands of wights into the Seven Kingdoms, and he will make it to Winterfell and reunite with Jon and Sansa. There's a heart tree in Winterfell, and since that's the only way Bran can have his visions, Winterfell seems like a likely place for Bran to run. But poor Meera can't carry him there by herself ... unless she steals a horse or two from the Night's Watch. Hopefully, Dolorous Edd will make it out of Castle Black alive and ride with Bran and Meera to Winterfell. Someone needs to tell Jon that he's the son of Lyanna Stark and a Targaryen — and Bran's the only one who can.

Where in the world is Nymeria?

Nymeria Game of Thrones

In the books, Arya has the ability to warg into Nymeria, similar to Bran and Summer's connection, and we learn that Nymeria has assembled quite a large pack in the Riverlands. Seeing as Arya is currently in the Riverlands, it's possible that she could reunite with Nymeria. Just thinking about this makes my heart happy.

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