Nicki Minaj Slays In Swimsuits For 'Cosmopolitan' Spread

K, summer. You can start now.

It's officially summer y'all—not just because Memorial Day just passed, but because Nicki Minaj's latest magazine cover is the best possible kickoff for bathing suit season. In the latest issue of Cosmopolitan, Onika flexes her curves and gives us a lesson in how to slay in beachwear.


Her definition of swimwear might differ from yours, though. For one, it's definitely sparklier. (An effect of hanging out with glitter queen Beyonce, perhaps?) On the cover, Minaj wears all of the sequins in a decadent suit that anyone else would be terrified of wearing to the beach. In fairness, she's had a lot of recent practice wearing similar creations.


Inside the magazine, though, Nicki opted for some more casual gear. She's no less of a knockout in a pin-up perfect American flag bikini. Just another reason Nicki should be the face of her own bill, IMO.


In her third swimsuit (this time by Moschino), Nicki also serves up yet another reason smile. #tooeasy You're going to need all of the sunglasses emojis for this one. Look for the issue on newsstands June 9.