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New Video: Yeah Yeah Yeahs, 'Sacrilege'

Yeah Yeah Yeahs tell a creepy story in reverse for their "Sacrilege" video.

When the Yeah Yeah Yeahs dropped their new song "Sacrilege" last month, we could hear the drama swell in the powerhouse indie-rock track. Now that the cut from their forthcoming album Mosquito (due April 16) has a proper video, we had NO IDEA how right we were. Starring model/actress Lily Cole, the clip unfolds a tawdry, creepy story of one woman turning a small town upside down. (Don't be offended if you live in a small town, it's just art 'n' stuff.)

Watch Yeah Yeah Yeahs' "Sacrilege" video after the jump.

In the beginning of the clip, Lily's in rather dire straits. She and a guy in a mask (I told you it was creepy) are about to be sacrificed by the vengeful townspeople. Then -- *SPOILER ALERT* -- it's revealed that the story is being told in reverse. Our protagonist finds herself hooking up with some of the townspeople, who all hold dirty secrets. The more the story unfolds, the more we start to feel sympathy for her and less so for the folk who live in the little city. By the end, you'll want to watch it again. I mean, we DEF had to do a repeat viewing to understand what was going on (we should have taken Film Appreciation in college). If this is what we have to look forward to on Mosquito next month, we're going to need to sit down. We're in for a ride.

+ Watch Yeah Yeah Yeahs' "Sacrilege" video.

Photo credit: Interscope Records