Alternate 'Scott Pilgrim' Ending Featured Giant Gideon Robot, Says Edgar Wright

The theatrical version of "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World" that you've seen was not always the version you were meant to see -- once upon a time, director Edgar Wright's adaptation of Bryan Lee O'Malley's graphic novel series ended very, very differently.

When Wright swung by Splash Page headquarters earlier this week to promote the film's recent Blu-ray release, the filmmaker revealed that there was a different ending to "Scott Pilgrim" than the conclusion that actually made it into the final cut -- but that doesn't mean you can't still check out the deleted ending.

"The ending you saw in the theaters is my preferred ending," said Wright. "But I like showing everything!"

To that end, Wright has included the alternate "Scott Pilgrim" ending on the Blu-ray, something that takes a couple of pages out of the "Transformers" playbook.

"The original ending had Gideon turning into a giant robot," revealed Wright. "That never went anywhere. We got rid of that because Bryan wasn't going to do that in the comics, and also we thought it would look like a 'Transformers' spoof, so we ditched it."

"It changed for something we're all happy with," he added. "The original ending, when we had test screenings, it would kind of divide people. Over that kind of process, Bryan changed the endings of the books and I was aware that the ending we had wasn't quite as satisfying as it should be, so we had the chance -- and Universal were totally behind the idea -- of shooting something new. When we screened it again, the scores went hugely up."

Do you like the sound of the original "Scott Pilgrim" ending, or are you glad that Wright went in a different direction? Give us your feedback in the comments and on Twitter!

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