Lily James Is Shocked And Awed To Discover That Ansel Elgort Is A DJ

She's definitely impressed.

With additional reporting by Josh Horowitz

Because you are a rabid fan of Ansel Elgort, you probably know that when he's not breaking your heart (or inflaming your loins) as a highly capable leading man, he's also a world class DJ act known as "ANSOLO."

But Lily James, who will share a screen with Ansel in the upcoming heist thriller "Baby Driver," did not know about her costar's secret DJing side gig until MTV's Josh Horowitz clued her in at San Diego Comic-Con -- and we can't say for sure, but she seems to be impressed, and maybe even a little intimidated.

Check out Lily's reaction to discovering what a multitalented force Ansel Elgort is in the video below.

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