Matchbox 20 Discuss "Push" Lyrics

Meanwhile, out on the road, the band Matchbox 20 finds itself with a hit single, called "Push," and a problem, the song's lyrics, which have aroused feminist ire.

MTV: These should be the best of days for Matchbox 20. The band's debut album climbed to #11 on this week's Billboard chart and its latest single has achieved that much-desired state of crowd recognition. But with the song's popularity has come a certain backlash over its content.

ROB THOMAS: When "Push" first came out I got a lot of, I mean, like angry, angry women.

PAUL DOUCETTE (imitating angry women): "I want to talk to you!

THOMAS: "I want to talk to you about the lyrics to that song!

It's not about beating women, that's for sure. In fact, in the song I turned around the point of view on it. It was actually about a relationship that I was in and how I was being manipulated. It was all about emotional manipulation and emotional violence.

MTV: But "Push" is only the most

recent example in a long line of misinterpreted rock songs. Perhaps the most famous was Nirvana's "Rape Me." In 1993, the song caused considerable controversy before Kurt Cobain leapt to its defense.

KURT COBAIN: It's an anti-, let me repeat that, anti-rape song.

MTV: How much responsibility should a songwriter feel in such cases?

ROB: None. I mean, none at all. I don't think I should have to explain myself any more than if I were an accountant I should have to explain myself.

Matchbox 20, on tour now. Please don't hit them.

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