I Was Turned Into A Corpse For 'Scream Live' — And It Was Amazing

Note to self: fake blood gets everywhere.

When I received a text from a coworker asking if I'd like to help out with something Scream-related, I couldn't say yes fast enough. The OG Scream is hands down my favorite movie of all time, and I was already a fan of the TV series. Being a horror fanatic, how could I possibly say no to working on a horror production?

Before I arrived on set, I knew I would be part of something called Scream Live and my character would be dead — and that was it. When I got there, people kept asking me how I was supposed to die, and I had zero clue. (So meta, right?) I did keep walking past a girl with a knife in her back, so I figured it'd be different from that.

After getting changed into my wardrobe, which was just a shirt and a pair of ripped jeans, someone finally told me I'd die via microphone strangulation (naturally) and the mic had the MTV logo on it, which felt rather poetic. The makeup team soon got to work, reddening my neck and adding a huge gash to my cheek.

Amanda Frey/MTV

Scream Live

Dead reporters tell no tales.

It was awesome being in the makeup chair, but I just kept thinking about how long Doug Jones, King of Horror Monsters, had to sit to be transformed into Billy Butcherson in Hocus Pocus and Fauno and the Pale Man in Pan's Labyrinth. Something tells me it was longer than 30 to 45 minutes.

Honestly, it didn't take much to make me look like a corpse since I'm pale AF. In fact, I was even told my skin was perfect for this role, which I went ahead and took as a compliment.

After making me look dead(er), I was taken to my place for the shoot. My job was simple: Sit in a corner and play dead. Of course, someone came by later and wanted me doused in fake blood, and next thing I knew, all this red stuff was poured onto my shirt and started dripping down to my bra. (Thankfully, I was able to get the "blood" out of my beige bra, because that would've just brought up more questions than answers later on in life.)


Scream Live

I watched a guy add more blood to this, because you can never have enough blood.

The camera operator and one of the actors rehearsed their movements several times, which included running past my bloody corpse and freaking out. Suddenly, I remembered some article I read years ago about how the OG Scream cast had to be covered in fake blood for days and the actors just felt gross. Basically, it starts to harden and you're sticky everywhere, making it difficult to move without praying for a long shower. Thankfully, I wasn't covered in dried fake blood for long, but my hair did keep sticking to my neck, and then I was having that, ahem, bra issue.

Not too long after, however, we shot the scene and I played dead better than my dog ever could. My part was a super short one, but I didn't care. It was such a dope experience to appear in a horror shoot, get doused in blood, and die by microphone. I mean, what more could I hope for on a Wednesday afternoon?

Scream premieres May 30 at 11/10c on MTV.



RIP me.

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