'Sibling' Rivalry: The 'Big Brother' Alliance Just Imploded On 'The Challenge'

Who needs 'spies, lies and allies' when your own crew aims to take you down?

There are only two words that can aptly describe the state of the once-mighty Big Brother alliance on the latest season of The Challenge: Spies, Lies and Allies: Sibling rivalry.

The long-running CBS show, which produced a decisive Double Agents winner (Amber), two of its finalists (Kaycee and Fessy) and one of the most memorable Challenge comedians (Da’Vonne), has served as the bedrock for implicit Challenge alliances since Vendettas aired in 2017. But unspoken brotherhood came crashing down on the most recent episode of MTV’s competition series when Fessy — who feared a looming counter strike from Amber as retribution for hoodwinking her on Double Agents — decided to strike first.

The only problem? Amber had no such plans. In fact, she was eager to bury the hatchet and work alongside Kaycee, Fessy and Josh. But now that Fessy has, indeed, sounded the battle drums, the game's reigning queen is ready to raise hell. And Josh, Amber’s partner, seems ready to follow her into battle.

Since Amber first earned a delayed bid on Spies, Kaycee and Fessy have been wary of her. Fessy said he was sure Amber planned to strike back at him for his treatment of her on Double Agents, while Kaycee continued to sweet talk Amber to her face but inexplicably rebuke her behind her back.

“Amber falls at the bottom of this Big Brother alliance,” Kaycee said. "I don't trust her one-hundred percent."

Still, Josh, who’d been in Amber’s corner since her return, felt secure with his partner. Even if Fessy and Kaycee didn’t particularly care for Amber, he seemed sure the Veteran Truce would protect Amber at least until all the rookies had been purged from the game.

Sadly, it was a naïve notion. After Fessy and Esther notched their second win of the season in “Undercover Comms,” a game of Last Man Standing featuring a 35-foot drop into the water for losers, Fessy continued to toy with the idea of nominating Amber into the Lair.

And then, after the house voted Corey and Michele into The Lair yet again, Fessy and Esther did precisely that.


“I need a dictionary — I don’t think these people know what a damn alliance is,” said Amber, who assumed her spot in the looming elimination round beside fellow nominee Hughie. “I’m just a number, and I’m not trying to be a f***ing number.”

And Josh, who felt betrayed by his best pal, eviscerated Fessy on Amber’s behalf — so intensely, in fact, that security had to intervene, drawing incredulous looks from fellow competitors.


“I can’t believe that I’m witnessing this right now,” Tori said as Josh lunged at former BFF Fessy. “A vet-on-vet crime is being committed. I have never seen an alliance implode like that.”

And after a commanding win in “Down to the Wire,” a back-and-forth race across a pipe maze, Amber all but ensured the alliance’s implosion would remain beyond repair.

“I’m sorry -- I’m not going anywhere,” Amber said. “F*ck Big Brother.”

So are the lines drawn between Big Brother members, and has the team been reduced to Kaycee and Fessy against Amber and Josh? And, if it has, who will come out on top, and who will defy the Veteran Truce next? Share your thoughts, then hang tight for the next installment of Spies, Lies and Allies!

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