Lady Gaga Fans React To 'Bad Romance' Video

'I love how her costumes are all crazy, but that's just how she is,' one fan says.

After a week of anticipation, [article id="1625927"]Lady Gaga's new music video, "Bad Romance,"[/article] finally premiered on the singer's official Web site. MTV News ventured outside the office and into streets of Times Square to see what people thought of the latest visual extravaganza from the pop singer.

One fan, Kerrianne De'Alessandro, took notice of the detailed glam and fashion of the video. "I loved her outfits again -- her hair and her nails were so cool. They had, like, lace on them," she said.

And whether it's the singer's high-end fashion or her eccentric dance moves, many enjoyed the video for being different and essentially a representation of who she is. "I love how her costumes are all crazy, but that's just how she is," Linh Dedalto said.

Taking place in a white bathhouse, "Bad Romance" showcases Gaga's quirky dancing and knack for eye-popping visuals. Unfortunately, not all were in awe of the singer's unique taste. "I don't know if she was a reptile or a stalk of celery or something, but there was something strange going on there." Amanda Drury joked.

Whitney Fauntleroy told MTV News that the video reminded her of a mix between Marilyn Manson and Britney Spears and that she "couldn't really follow it."

Fauntleroy's Spears comparison might not be far off, as the video was directed by Britney collaborator Francis Lawrence -- the mastermind behind clips for "I'm a Slave 4 U" and "Circus."

"I thought it was a little bit confusing at times but overall it was pretty good," Malora Pollack said.

"Bad Romance" is the lead single off of the singer's [article id="1625933"]upcoming Fame Monster re-release[/article].