That Wedding Singer From 'Old School' And 'The Hangover' Is Back -- In Kid Ink And Fetty Wap's New Video

Yeah, the one who swears all the time

When Kid Ink took us behind-the-scenes of his "Promise" music video, featuring Fetty Wap, last week, it was clear this would be a relationship-focused clip. It was clear that it was shot somewhere beautiful. It was clear that there were multiple leading ladies. It was not, however, clear that there would be a peculiar-yet-legendary cameo.

As I was watching the video for the single from Ink's December Summer in the Winter project, I followed along with the narrative: Ink is sneaking around on his girl; she's suspicious; he gets caught around town with other women; it turns out it was all for a legitimate reason (OK, fine, spoiler: He's planning their wedding -- get it, like a lifetime "Promise").

I got to the end of the song, but there was still a minute-and-a-half left in the video. What's about to happen, I wondered?

And then I saw (and heard): They got the wedding singer from Old School and The Hangover. Yup, that guy. And he was singing the rapper's "Badass."

You remember.

I know you do.

He's Dan Finnerty, who fronts The Dan Band and released The Wedding Album (obviously) last year.

With all due respect to the Marcus Reid Band, I'm hoping this dude is onstage at the next wedding I go to.

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