Suge Knight May Have Violated Parole At Vibe Awards

Authorities concerned about his proximity to Dr. Dre.

The California Department of Corrections is investigating whether Suge Knight violated his parole by attending the Vibe Awards last month and sitting near rival Dr. Dre.

The Los Angeles Times reported Wednesday that police are also investigating whether Knight was involved in the assault on Dre, although a spokesperson for the Santa Monica Police Department could not confirm the report and said Knight has not been interviewed or even contacted.

The SMPD did interview Dr. Dre on Monday as well as other witnesses who attended the November 16 awards show with the rapper. The police spokesperson said details of the interview were confidential and he could not confirm the Times report that Dre demanded his alleged attacker, Jimmy James Johnson, be charged with assault and battery.

Authorities are still investigating the melee at the Vibe Awards (see [article id="1493758"]"Dr. Dre Attacked, Man Stabbed During Melee At Vibe Awards"[/article]) and are reviewing videotapes and conducting interviews to determine the identities of two of the three men who allegedly brandished knives after Dre was attacked. The third, Young Buck, has been arrested and is out on bail (see [article id="1493985"]"G-Unit's Young Buck Surrenders To Police"[/article]).

Calls to Knight's office were not returned, although he denied involvement after the incident. "One thing about me, if I do something, I'mma claim it," he told reporters after the show. "I'm not an idiot.

See, an idiot would go out there and do stuff."

Johnson's attorney, Milton Grimes, once represented Knight, although he claims Johnson and Knight have no ties whatsoever.

Knight and Dre founded Death Row Records together more than a decade ago, but the two have been bitter rivals since Dre split. After serving time for assault and weapons violations, Knight was released from prison in 2001 with parole conditions that barred contact with his former partner. The Corrections Department is currently reviewing those conditions, according to a spokesperson.

Knight attended the Vibe Awards because he manages Petey Pablo, according to Vibe President Kenard Gibbs.

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