Doechii And SZA Are Gold Goddesses In Flirty and Twerky 'Persuasive' Video

The rapper and the singer are here to serve looks and fits

Doechii is so “Persuasive” that the rapper was able to soar higher from TikTok virality into a Top Dawg record deal. Now, she’s even recruited SZA for her viral hit’s twerk-filled new music video, which dropped Thursday (September 1).

Directed by Sara Lacombe, who also has credits for the 2022 VMA-nominated “Pussy” by Latto, the video opens with Doechii draping a hot pink boa over her shoulders, standing on a platform of TV screens. The scene shifts into an enticing glimpse of her sitting astride a black leather chair rocking another bold look featuring long blue gloves and heeled boots. The visual flips back and forth between the two scenarios as she gets into the groove of the beat. “Feel like the feelin' of a silk press,” she raps in the first verse. “Feel like I feel like I got new breasts / Feel like I feel like I needed rest / Feel it's the season I should let go.”

During the chorus, the camera zooms into one of the many screens underfoot, showing Doechii dressed in black with long golden braids being pulled by off-screen individuals. “She's so persuasive,” she raps. “That marijuana / She's so flirtatious / How does it feel to be you?” SZA joins in the pensive ode to weed adorned in gold with her mezzo-soprano vocals, sitting atop a black SUV. “How does it feel to be alive?” she sings in the second verse. “Let me break it down 'til it feel right / How does it feel? I'm so aligned, and it's so / Devil himself can't kill the vibe / I would hate me too, better get in line / I can't control, it's the flow, oh.”

Doechii can also be seen pole dancing, twerking underwater, and lying on glittery silver-blue paint throughout the bridge of the song. “How does it feel to be that-that bitch?” she raps repetitively. “How does it feel to let, let-let go? / She's a hard, she's a hard worker.”

According to a statement, Doechii “created ‘Persuasive’ to uplift people and bring communities together” and said the collaboration “is everything I always imagined it to be.” “So having SZA jump on the song was a perfect fit because I’ve always connected with others over her music,” she said. “Knowing that SZA is with [Top Dawg Entertainment] was what originally got me most excited about being on this label, so now that we have a song together it’s a full-circle moment. She really ATE!”

Doechii delivered a powerful performance of “Persuasive” at the 2022 BET Awards and was nominated for Push Performance of the Year at the 2022 VMAs. The Tampa rapper recently released her sophomore EP album, She / Her / Black Bitch, on August 5.