Nikki Reed Spots New Vamps In Final 'Breaking Dawn' Poster

'We had to really use our imaginations, because we shot that on a stage,' actress tells MTV News of battle scene depicted in poster.

As "Twilight" fans, we like to consider ourselves experts when it comes to getting excited about any and all news pertaining to the blockbuster film franchise. And now, with the release of "Breaking Dawn - Part 2" inching closer and closer, we've been treated to a flurry of announcements and teasers recently that only increase our precipitously high levels of anticipation for the fifth and final film -- like Tuesday's release of the final poster, for example.

In addition to our own excitement over the action involved in the artful image, MTV News was lucky enough to get castmember Nikki Reed's reaction as well when we caught up with her at the AXE "Showerpooling" campaign kickoff event at USC in Los Angeles on Tuesday. Like us, she wondered where the rest of the Cullens are hiding in the poster, which features Edward, Bella and Jacob Black front and center.

She also had an eagle eye in naming the new vampires featured in the background of the photo, who we will get to know better when we see the film.

"That looks like Lee [Pace, a.k.a. Garrett] and Rami [Malek, a.k.a. Benjamin] -- they're pretty far away," Reed observed. "I can't wait to see that whole scene; we had to really use our imaginations, because we shot that on a stage," Reed explained of shooting the extensive final battle scene between the Cullens and their new allies versus the Volturi. "With these movies in general, we have to [use our imaginations]. With the wolves ... there are these big cardboard cutouts that people carry and run with and they say, 'React! Here comes a wolf!' And you look, and there's a guy holding a white cardboard cutout.

"I'm really excited to see how this turns out," she added about the battle scene. "I'm sure it will be great."

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